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My name is Wendy Hamton. But many users on all wikis call me Bubbles8218. I am the administrator, the bureaucrat, and the founder of this wiki. The good users here are 16judizor, 17judizor, 761954, Chomper4, Daviddizor, Daviddizor1, Daviddizor2, Jillian1234, Julidizor2016, Julidizor2017, Manta-bee, and myself. The bad users are BlueKraid, Cochrane-A, Davidddizor, Ditto Creeper Bot, Evil BlueKraid, Evil Davidddizor, Lady Lostris, and Princess Davidddizor.


  1. Brothers do not marry sisters because it is illegal. Anyone who makes these articles out of different characters will be banned.
  2. No throwing tantrums about sisters marrying brothers.
  3. No threatening or bullying.
  4. No bad language.
  5. No fighting.
  6. No story bullying the non-troublemakers.
  7. No girlfriends marrying other boyfriends.
  8. No vandalism.
  9. No toilet humor.
  10. No lies. Only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  11. No more grounded stories out of good users OR bad users.
  12. No more GoAnimate stuff.
  13. No innapropriate articles.
  14. Only four family members can eat at a fancy restauraunt.
  15. We can have Daisy Duck, Ronno, Mickey Mouse, Elroy Jetson, Babs Bunny, Lampwick, Plucky Duck, Elsa, Brock, June, and Quincy as troublemakers.
  16. You can also have Lumpy and Roo as Susan Test's brothers, Skippy Rabbit and Piglet as Wendy Darling's brothers, Chip and Dale as Lilo's brothers, Young Kaa and Baba Looey as Kairi's brothers, Pixie and Dixie as Viper's brothers, Tod and Copper as Rapunzel's brothers, Hans, Hiro Hamada, and Tommy Pickles as Anna's brothers, and Taran and Chuckie Finster as Merida's brothers. But you should have Buster Bunny and Skippy Squirrel as Olivia Flaversham's brothers, Pajama Sam and Ding A Ling Wolf as Namine's brothers, Timmy Turner and Elroy Jetson as Alice's brothers, Gumball and Darwin as Amy, Anais, and Princess Ember's brothers, Wakko Warner and Yakko Warner as Minnie Mouse's brothers and Dot Warner's real brothers, and Chowder and Augie Doggie as Kilala Reno's brothers.
  17. The Mother and Daughter Relationship should have one mother/grandmother and ONE daughter/granddaughter. Not two.
  18. The Father and Son Relationship should have one father/grandfather and ONE son/grandson or TWO sons/grandsons. Not three or four. (For example - Naveen, Mowgli, and Pudge; Prince Charming, Cody, and Edmond, etc.)

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