Pudge the Penguin and his friends have their sleepwear, and they like to wear them at bedtime.

  • Pudge the Penguin - Brown footy pajamas.
  • Edmond Kitten - Orange footy pajamas.
  • Michael Darling - White nightshirt, matching stockings, and frilly, ankle-length pantalettes, pink slippers.
  • Gideon the Cat - Yellow pajama jacket, matching pants, purple nightcap, and matching slippers.
  • Donald Duck - Orange footy pajamas with a yellow collar, matching cuffs, soles, and a placket with orange buttons and an orange nightcap with yellow trimming.
  • Dale - Blue short-sleeved nightgown.
  • Max Goof - Teal blue pajama jacket, matching pants, and red slippers.
  • Charmy Bee - Yellow footy pajamas.
  • Cheese the Chao - Red footy pajamas with snaps.
  • Babs Bunny - Teal nightgown with white frills on the collar and wrists, pink curlers, and aqua pantalettes with white frills on the ankles.
  • Stitch - Cloud blue footy pajamas and a matching nightcap.
  • Danny Darling - Blue nightshirt, teal blue stockings, navy blue frilly, ankle-length pantalettes, green slippers.
  • Fievel Mousekewitz - Purple footy pajamas.
  • Theodore Seville - Green footy pajamas.
  • Copper - Yellow footy pajamas with snaps.
  • Tommy Pickles - Baby blue footy pajamas.
  • Chuckie Finster - Green one-piece pajamas and red bunny slippers.
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